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PSC Scholarship Result 2023- All board pdf download

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PSC Scholarship Result

The government has announced the names of the scholarship recipients based on the results of the Primary Education Completion Examination-2023. This time, 100,000 students will get this scholarship. The Minister of Primary and Mass Education announced the results of the scholarship at a press conference at the Secretariat.

Before PSC Scholarship Result 2019, 33,000 people were given scholarships in general quota and 22,000 in merit quota (talent pool). This time, scholarships are being given to 49,500 students in the general quota and 33,000 students in the talent pool.

PSC Scholarship Result 2023

PSC Scholarship Result

In the Gazette 2023 General Quota of Primary Scholarships, out of 49,500 students, a total of 47,808 scholarships have been given in 7,946 Union Parishad-Municipality wards, 8 in each (3 male and 3 female). Out of the remaining 1,824 scholarships, 3 more from each Upazila / thana (1 student, 1 female student, and 1 on the basis of Upazila merit), and a total of 1,528 general scholarships have been given to 509 Upazila-thanas. From the remaining 298 general scholarships, 4 more (2 male and 2 female students) have been distributed in each district and 257 scholarships have been distributed in 64 districts.

Scholarship / Final Results 2017, 2016 The amount of money for scholarship students has increased as compared to last time, the Minister said. Earlier, 150tk was given monthly in the general case, but from now on it has been increased to 225 tk and 200 tk to the scholarship recipients in the talent pool, but it has been increased to 300 tk.

These students will enjoy scholarship benefits from classes VI to VIII. Scholarships were given to 55,000 students on the basis of merit through the final examination of primary education. From 2015, it was decided to increase it by another 26,500 to 62,600.

The government is coming up with Upazila-based scholarships based on the final examination with the aim of preventing dropouts, increasing attendance, recognition of merit, and developing of balanced merit. Earlier, separate examinations were conducted for awarding scholarships to fifth-class students. Upazila-based scholarships are being given to those who have passed the final examination since 2010.

Last November, 27 lakh 30 thousand 8 hundred 34 students took part in the preliminary final and 258 thousand 5 hundred students took part in Ibadan. At the end of the examination, the results of the final examination of primary education were released on 29 December 2019.

The pass rate in the primary was 96.51 percent and in Ibtedai ​​it was 95.65 percent. Two lakh 81 thousand 8 hundred and 98 students got GPA-5 in primary and 5 thousand 9 hundred and 48 students in ibtedai. However, Ibtedai ​​students are not covered by the scholarship.


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